Tuesday , August 21 2018

Latest Job Vacancies at SPIE Oil & Gas Services – UAE

Being a specialized ancillary of SPIE Group, SPIE Oil & Gas Services was established in 2004. Throughout the journey, the Group has transformed through in-house augmentation and attainments, remarkably during amalgamation of 3 sophisticated oil & gas companies in 2000s- FORAID, IPEDEX and SPIE Enertech. Over 40 successive years of multinational experience, the Group provides a wide variety of incorporated services and explanations crosswise the talent lifecycle, in the course of exploration, expansion, engineering, building, assigning, set-up and manufacturing phases of a project. Their cubic methodology towards security and protection determines the Group’s assurance towards the safety of their populace.

In order to maintain high standards of preclusions and safety- SPIE consistently works towards the enhancement, menace evaluation and adherence to stern regulations and course of action, since their personnel are the envoys of this particular security culture.


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